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Sorcity eBid Service & Consortium Prices from Sorcity Spend Reduction

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If you are looking to save money safely and quickly, without investing time, money, people or software, Sorcity is a Buyers wish-list. Since 1999 our clients have saved hundreds of millions of dollars more by letting us ebid their purchases to gain lower prices, or through our instant consortium prices. Benchmarks reveal that Sorcity ebids help Buyers average 12-24% lower prices over their negotiated prices, across all major Goods, Services, and Capital purchases.

With an eBid how does a Buyer save money? Through Sorcity, a Supplier can see when they are outbid and they can enter lower and lower bids if they wish. It results in more Suppliers, more competitive bidding, and a lower price. Like an auction, but downward price pressure…. a “reverse auction”.... which is only part of our over-all service.

The Sorcity Center of Excellence is a Buyers’ Wish-List because there is no software, no staffing, no training, no waiting, and no fee to you. It is ready now, on tap, and your ebids are prepared with you and run by a team of professionals with you in control and making an award to the Supplier who best meets your needs.

A number of your Suppliers are already Sorcity members, ready to provide you a lower ebid price when you want it. Sellers gain with Sorcity by seeing market prices, by having the freedom to bid lower, and win new business from hundreds of Sorcity clients, so they tend to perform well and stay in good standing.

Experience this for yourself in a simple pilot of 3-4 large ebids, with the goal to save you at least $1,000,000 more than your negotiated price. Sorcity eliminates unnecessary cost and time that exists in today’s procurement process and provides results.

With a network of over 620,000 suppliers, the spend reduction professionals at Sorcity deliver the easiest, quickest and most effective sourcing service in the world to organizations in all industries, without added time, pain, or cost.

Our consortium prices do not even require an ebid. they are steeply discounted prices available for you right now under the Sorcity Group Purchasing program. Option 1 below is the quickest way to save up to a 50% off Office/Cleaning/Breakroom Supplies without going through any effort or paying a fee.

Option 1: If you already know you are not receiving steep discounts presently then you can simply sign up through this link today and you will be contacted to help open your online account and show you how to order. Here are the preferred terms that Sorcity negotiated for you. If you let us know of any high-volume items you buy then we will request greater discounts if they are not already on the discounted list.

Option 2: If your annual spend is large and you want to know what your savings potential is before you sign up, then follow these steps:
1. Return this signed Sorcity GPO Agreement so we can allocate resources and begin your comparison.
2. Provide Sorcity the information needed, including an item/price list from your incumbent, using our tool.
3. Sorcity will then compare your prices and terms to our consortium prices and report back your savings potential.
4. You then sign up under this consortium price program, read the terms, and begin saving money immediately.

Price discounts are off the catalog in circulation at time of order. Since 1999, Sorcity has provided very effective Spend Reduction services to help organizations lower prices on almost every purchase….. and here is another very simple way to save more money and time.

Call us at 800-525-2401 to get answers or an overview.


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