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Nitor is a Procurement Consulting firm led by the most experienced team in the industry. We have one goal in mind, help our clients Achieve Procurement Excellence. Founded in 2003, we have a dedicated focus on Spend Management delivering our services across the Source-2-Pay spectrum, a key differentiator in the market. With our range of expertise in Procurement Transformation, Sourcing, Contract and Supplier Management, Procure 2 Pay, Invoicing, Cash Management and Financial Reporting, we bring a 360 degree view into any engagement.

Our Core Values
1. Client Results. We believe that by continually over-delivering results for clients drives our business. It is what we wake up with and go to bed with each day.
2. Transparency. We guarantee an open and honest relationship. Our business is centered around achieving planned results through flawless execution.
3. Partnership. Becoming part of your team is our goal. Through that attitude we can ensure scalable results; we want to leave you with more knowledge and a scalable platform to achieve further success in the long term.

Experience does matter. Our focused Procurement experience is what differentiates our team from other services organizations. We have been a part of the Spend Management space since its inception and have participated and contributed to its evolution over the last 15 years while serving 100's of clients across all industry verticals with a global reach.

Unusual Flexibility
At Nitor, our belief is the best laid plan still requires a few diversions along the way. For that reason, our work with clients is extremely, you might say unusually, flexible. Attaining your goals is how we define success and we are willing to go down any road to ensure you achieve them.

Track Record of Success
Our clients come first. We are dedicated to the success of our clients and are extremely proud of the fact that all of them are referenceable. We are happy to connect you with any of our clients to share their experience having Nitor as a valued partner.