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Established in 2000, Ivalua is one of the leading global vendors in Spend Management Software, with main offices located in the US and Europe.
Ivalua offers a comprehensive and modular suite covering the entire Spend Management spectrum, from the strategic side to the transactional and analytical sides. Our platform based application approach lets you easily and quickly add modules as your needs change.
Targeting global large size companies, Ivalua has successfully implemented more than 100 projects worldwide across 12 different sectors, and is used daily by 50,000 users and 400,000 suppliers from 35 countries in 15 different languages.

Why have so many clients selected and continue to renew with Ivalua?
While procurement processes can be complex, we clearly see our mission as 'Simplify complexity'. Our customers agree, and in survey after survey, year after year, a few themes stand out:

- Our clients recognize that our deployment approach combines procurement and software expertise. In particular, they appreciate our approach which is focused on supporting business process execution via our easy to use product configuration; thereby yielding sustainable and measurable business results.

- Our clients praise our flexibility: flexibility in assembling only the modules they need, flexibility in deployment approaches (on premise or SaaS or hybrid), flexibility in pricing (from pay-per-seat to fixed subscription options), flexibility by allowing process owners to configure the software directly and flexibility so we can incorporate new requirements during the project, through our agile, iterative project approach.

- End Users like the ease-of-use of Ivalua Buyer s User Interface. Especially the easy access to essential features, clean design and easy-to-learn user experience comparable to the best consumer websites. Our user adoption is among the fastest and most reliable in the industry.

- Finally, our clients appreciate our team s strong commitment to delivering real and sustainable value sooner and with long term resilience. Our organization and investments are focused on actively supporting our existing clients, enhancing their applications, and expanding it across their organization. This is reflected in our financial results: 2/3 of our revenue comes from within our client portfolio, and our subscription renewal rate over 98%!