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Corrections professionals require effective solutions to help manage vast amounts of offender information on a daily basis. Offendertrak™, one of the most advanced and feature-rich corrections management systems in the industry, provides all this and more. It is robust, scalable and designed to evolve.

Whether you are processing new arrestees, detaining offenders for trial or holding those already sentenced, Offendertrak offers a centralized repository for offender information with confiurable workflows and a full complement of features for efficient and accurate inmate management.

Easy to use

* Agencies can use a workflow engine to implement processes designed to guide personnel through daily tasks.
* Users are able to easily create tailored reports for immediate use with the Report Wizard.
* Advisory messages and pop-up notifications are displayed via an instant message alert module.

Cost Effective/Easy to Integrate

* New technology is applied as it emerges with version-controlled software upgrades.
* An integrated training module reduces training time.
* Seamlessly integrates with other public safety and criminal justice systems.


* Streamlines needed information from inmate intake through release.
* Flexible and easily configured to match your business processes.
* Links to critical data such as mug shots, property and photos to an inmates record.

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